Hi & Welcome

Thanks for taking the time to find out a bit about Teeny me!

My story begins when I was wee watching my Mum making my clothes on her Singer Treadle Sewing Machine, the sound of the treadle and the scissors cutting material was so fascinating. Fast forward a few years and I began making my own clothes to keep up with fashion and cost. I loved to be different and to see the look on my friends faces when they realised I had made it myself!

The love of a handmade item that is bespoke. The “no one else will have this” feeling. Something that is unique only to me is what led me to create Teeny Tartans! I wanted everyone to have this feeling, the feeling of owning a quality, handmade gift that not everyone will have! 

And so, to combine this with my other love Tartan was my goal. Along with the support of my wonderful husband, family and my friends I began with my facebook page to now having my very own website, which I am so proud of.

What is obvious to me but not to everyone is that I love Tartan. I love the history, the colours, how it is made and the diverse way that it is used today. I would clad the world in tartan if I could!

I hope this gives you a bit of an insight to what I am about!

Quality, Handmade, Bespoke Gifts and Garments from my Clan to your Clan!